What is the future of digital asset management?

//What is the future of digital asset management?

What is the future of digital asset management?

If you are a business owner that uses digital assets and hasn’t yet considered the use of digital asset management, you should read on. 

Digital asset management (DAM) is a system that lets you store, organise, filter, retrieve, and share digital assets like documents, pictures, logos, audio, and videos. With DAM, you can also oversee digital rights and permissions. 

As technology advances, DAM is expected to undergo changes and affect businesses in more profound ways. Recent events that have resulted in more employees than ever before working from home have also caused an increasing number of companies to require DAM solutions. This means, even more, is expected from DAM than just storing and sharing assets. 

So, what does the future hold for DAM?

Business software

DAM solutions are expected to be involved in more advanced integrations. DAM should be able to connect with virtually every software and app most businesses need to carry out their daily tasks and interact with spectators. 

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Top industry players, like Encode UK, expect DAM to make greater use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the retrieval and presentation of content to customers. For instance, DAM systems should automatically allocate keywords to assets based on their content.

Goodbye to asset download

DAM solutions will make it possible to work on digital assets like videos without having to download a single file on your laptop or other devices. 

Better user experience 

Experts expect DAM to improve user experience by reducing the steps needed by employees and customers alike to find or access files. 

Workflow automation

In the future, DAM systems will play a greater role in workflow automation. Basic tasks such as converting files from one format to another and distributing them to users should come under the influence of more intelligent DAM solutions.

There is no doubt that, with technological advancement, digital asset management will play an even bigger role in the future of businesses. 

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